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The alcohol industry is one of the most predominant industries in America, and alcohol abuse is one of the most common problems in the US. Throughout American history, people have abused and consumed alcohol, which has led to a problem so tremendous that regulating the industry is one of the only ways to attempt to solve the abuse problem. "Drinking is a pervasive and deep-rooted feature of American life. Alcoholic beverages have been widely consumed throughout American history, despite attempts by the government and other institutions to shape or even eliminate drinking". Although so many Americans are against further regulating the alcohol industry, it is the only effective way to attempt to solve the alcohol abuse problem and the many other problems that come along with alcohol consumption.

Many Americans are pleased with how the alcohol industry is currently regulated. Alcohol is a big part of the nations economy and the purchasing of alcoholic beverages makes a substantial contribution to the nations economy.

Many businesses and people rely on the alcohol industry as a source of income and without the industry, many people would be unemployed.

Many people view drinking as a relaxing, enjoyable, and harmless indulgence that may make an event or occasion into a much more fun time. Alcohol can also contribute to positive affects on the family such as sharing evening cocktails or celebrating toasts. Moderate alcohol consumption may even have a positive effect on health in certain circumstances. A number of studies have shown that a moderate amount of drinking may reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the US.

Prohibition has already shown what will happen if the government completely regulates the industry. Organized crime flourished during prohibition from all of the illegal sales and...