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"Alcoholism" Alcoholism: chronic and usually progressive illness involving the excessive inappropriate ingestion of alcohol, whether in the form of familiar alcoholic beverages or as a constituent of other substances. Alcoholism is thought to arise from a combination of a wide range of physiological, psychological, social, and genetic factors. It is characterized by an emotional and often physical dependence on alcohol, and it frequently leads to brain damage or early death.

Alcoholism is a very dangerous problem in our society, the bad thing is, this is not seen as a problem, this is seen as a common thing, for example when you see drunk person at a night club or a party or a social gathering, people see it as if they are only having fun, and worst part is, that most of the people drink, not just adult people but teenagers do so. Statistically the 10% of adult population in U.S.

are alcoholics.

Alcoholism has its consequences not only because it's an illness that affects the addict's health, because it continuously has effects on other people, whether is its family, or just to the community. Many people who become addicts don't care anymore of the parenthood and ignore their child's need of a parent. Another effect is, that alcoholics when they are drunk loose their judge and logic, usually they begin fights, and sometimes they drive a car and cause very serious accidents that kill people.

I think this is very wrong, because it all starts with the pressure of "having fun" and usually any excuse is used just to drink every time. Just a little time ago, when I went to a celebration of Mexico's revolution, where a lot of teenagers and underage people went, I've realized how important is to prevent this problem as...