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Alcoholism is a very controversial topic. It can be found anywhere on the internet and in books. Since it can be found anywhere, the information needs to be credible and trusted. Evaluating websites is very useful when researching topics. Different criteria such as accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage of web documents must be used to evaluate the sites. Each one can make or break the site.

Accuracy of websites is very important. It can determine if the website is credible. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism also known as NIAAA is a very accurate site. It is a government site which means, its produced and published by the government. In general, the site is mostly about alcohol, hence the name. It supports and conducts research on many effects, treatments, and preventions on alcohol related issues. This site has no author but does have a director. Dr.

Kington, a Michigan University graduate has several medical degrees and other education involving public health. Mothers Against Drunk Driving also known as MADD is all about the prevention of drinking and driving. Throughout the site, you can access victims of drinking and driving, look at statistics, and also research the topic. An email address and also a regular address are given. You can receive news, ask questions, or simply comment on the site. The site has no author like NIAAA, but it does have a president. Wendy J. Hamilton is the current leader of the organization. A longtime volunteer, Wendy has helped to support drunk driving victims, pass important legislation including setting the national illegal drunk driving standard at .08 percent blood alcohol concentration, as well as creating MADD's youth programs to reduce underage drinking. Both of these sites contain a lot of information and are very credible. MADD is...