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Alcoholism is still a very serious condition and in 2001, it was estimated to affect nearly sixty two million people worldwide. Over eight million of those affected live in the United States. Alcoholism or Alcohol Dependence is defined as, a chronic disease marked by a craving for alcohol. (Alcoholism) This "disease" affects almost any type of person, not just someone particular. Alcoholism affects people such as successful executives, skilled mechanics, laborers, homemakers, and even church members of all denominations. The causes of alcoholism are yet to be understood but many medical researchers suggest that genetic, psychological, and social factors help to influence a person's dependence for alcohol. (Alcoholism) Alcoholism is a major factor in many of today's car crashes and the person usually at fault is the one who is under the influence. Another dangerous factor of alcoholism is the fact that many underage individuals are becoming more prone to become dependent.

Many factors contribute to a person becoming an alcoholic. For example, many alcoholics have been around alcohol all their lives. The parents were alcoholics and then the children began to drink too. Another reason for many alcoholics to become addicted is the fact that all of their friends may go out and drink on the weekends. The person may start out just drinking on Fridays, but soon they will be at the bar on Saturday and then even Sunday. After that, severe alcoholics spend at least a few hours every day of the week at a bar just to get their "fix". However, the bar is not the only place where people go out and drink. Many alcoholics stay at home and drink. Some people may think of this as a safer method because of the fact that they do not have to...