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Alcoholism is a huge problem and health issue in this country. It ranks up with cancer and heart disease as a major health issue. However, the difference from alcoholism and those other health problems is that alcoholism doesn't just affect the one who's sick. Many are afflicted by this disease, which includes me as well. The major issues with alcoholism are that it affects the one who is sick; it affects others around them, and can also link to other serious health issues.

I have experienced the problems of this disease second hand. In my early child hood, my father was an alcoholic. At the time I didn't quite understand this but I later realized his problems. There would be times that I would be in school and he would come by and take me out of class and have me stay home. I didn't seem to grasp the concept that he was trying to spend more time with me before he inevitably had to leave for good.

After he went away, I could not understand why my mother didn't want me or my brothers and sisters around him. This painted her as the "bad guy" and my father as the hero. Thinking back I realize how hard this must have been on my mother. Later on in life during my early teen years my mother had remarried. This new father and brother was a change and we did not get along so well at the start. I did however slowly warm up to them and now treat them the same as my family. During this time I had a sort of one sided relationship with my biological father. Still suffering from alcoholism and depression, he wanted to see me many times but I refused to and did not want...