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Alcoholism Among College Students

Alcoholism among college students is one of the most popular problems in modern society. What are the main causes of using alcohol? How to prevent it? Is it possible to treat alcoholism? These are the main questions that we think about every day.

There are more then 10 million drinkers in our world. Alcoholism is the one of the oldest world problems. Alcoholics "become psychologically addicted and are nervous, angry, anxious when not drinking (Luks, Will America Sober up? 2-3). Low doses of alcohol relax the drinker by slowing sympathetic nervous system activity. With larger doses, alcohol can become a staggering problem: Reactions slow, speech slurs, and skilled performance deteriorates. (Myers, Psychology 231)

What are the main causes of using alcohol? Students say that the main reason of drinking is curiosity, bore, company, prestige, dispute, problem, and depression. During the discussion "Drugs and Alcohol" at youth center "Bendraamziai", peers found that main reason of using alcohol is prestige.

The most part of youth begin to drink whit their friends. Authority of older friends usually is the big problem in our society. Also the students were asked where they usually consumed alcohol. In about half " at someone else's home" scored the highest. The second most popular venue was at one's own home. Drinking in a big company with friends, in a nightclub, and also in bar is the normal for main part of modern youth.

Teenagers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark are the heaviest drinkers, smokers and drug takers in Europe. These findings have just been published in the 2001 ESPAD (European School Survey Projection on Alcohol and Other Drugs) Report. The same countries are also the ones in which drinking has increased most among the sampled population during the period since the last...