Aldous Huxley

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Working Title: Making Believers out of Readers Statement of Purpose: In this paper, I plan to focus on the futuristic setting Aldous Huxley creates. I am very interested in how Huxley creates his own world in the future and the changes in society that have come about along with time. The way Huxley introduces and explains his futuristic world is very simple; he has a character give a tour. Therefore, I am not going to focus on how Huxley tells about his world, I am going to discuss the qualities of this world and how the ideas and basis of the world reflect Huxley's ideas about society today. The concept of creating an entirely new world and going into such detail about this world is very interesting to me. I want to discuss how things got from where there are today to where they are in Huxley's works, and what things are left out about the transition.

The main focus of my paper will be the futuristic setting and the concepts of society that appear important to the author.

Revisions Made: I made several revisions to my paper, including writing the entire conclusions four separate times. I also tried switching the paragraphs around several times to make the paper flow better and think I ended up with a nice configuration. I switched the second and forth paragraphs, and think that the result makes much better since than the original configuration. Also, I went back through the paper and replaced many of the pronouns with nouns because they seemed to be creating too much confusion.

Revisions I would like to make: I think I would like to make the sentence structure of my paper a little less choppy. Many of the sentences are very short and seem to just jump around...