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Alex Haley passionate reader, Amerinanan Biographe, scriptwriter, and famous author, Alex Haley began writing short stories while working atlep, during World War II, but it took eight years before, small magazines began accepting some of his stories. As the first blck American writer to trace many historical origins back to their roots, Alex Haley has rediscovered for many ethnic people, their rich slavery took away from them, along with their names and identities. In the following paper, ,. I will describe Haley's biography, his books he wrote, and the inspitation and legacy he left before and they wenty he died (Moore, 1995).

Alex Haley was born in Ithaca, New York. His father and mother were both teachers. After a few years of his birth, the family moved to a small town of Henning, Tennessee. I Henning, Haley heard stories from his maternal grandmother, Cynthia Palmer, who traced the family genealogy to Haley's great-great-great-great-grandfather, who was an African, called "Kin-tay" and was brought by a slave-ship to America (O'Connor, 1983).

At the age of fifteen, Alex Haley graduated from high school. Though he did not excel at his post high school education, he did manage to complete two years of college. The. in 1939, he decided to enlist in the