Alexander- Ambitious Ruler

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Alexander- Ambitious Ruler Alexander the Great contributed significantly towards the spread of Greek culture and the expansion of the Hellenistic culture. After King Philip II was stabbed to death at his daughter's wedding, Alexander took over his power. Through his various victories and accomplishments, Alexander proved to be, perhaps, the most influential leader and the best thing that ever happened to Greece.

As king of Macedonia, he took substantial measures to expand his empire. Establishing himself as a fierce and ruthless leader, Alexander first conquered Persia, and then Egypt and later extended his empire to the Indus River in northwest India. His tactical genius led to his successful conquests at times of battle and conflict.

As the era of independent Greek city-states ended, a vibrant new culture transpired from the mix of Greek, Egyptian, and Eastern customs. This culture was known as the Hellenistic culture. The direct result of cultural blending was the development of Koine, the popular spoken language used in Hellenistic cities.

The city of Alexandria flourished as the foremost center of commerce and Hellenistic civilization. Along with its beauty, its rich mixture of customs and traditions attracted a diverse population. Science and technology also thrived throughout this period. Predictions such as the earth's circumference and inventions like the latitude and longitude system were a few of their many scientific achievements. Mathematics, physics, philosophy and art deeply advanced and improved during the Hellenistic period even after the fruitful seed was planted by Alexander the Great.