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Greatness, when talking about a leader, is someone who can expand an empire and command respect from his people. Alexander the Great does deserve to be called great because he fits this description. He also beat the Persian Empire, improved the economy, and was respected because he was a good military leader. Alexander is a role model that leaders still look up to today.

One of the biggest reasons why Alexander should be called great is that he destroyed the mighty Persian Empire with ruthless aggression. He was immovable and didn't even blink after Darius's peace offering in Tyre. Then even after he had beaten the Persians, he realized that it would not be safe until he had killed Darius. According to Document 3, that was when he found out that Darius had already been killed by his own cousin Bessus, and Alexander then decided to go after Bessus.

The campaign against the Persians would not have been as extraordinary if Alexander himself hadn't led the cavalry, which he did at Guagamela on the Tigris, states Document 7. After a brief stay at the Persian capitol of Persepolis, Alexander burned it down to "dramatize the completion of Hellenic revenge for the Persian invasion and the destruction of the native Persian dynasty." (Document 3)

Another reason why Alexander the Great deserves to be called great is that he improved the economy after the defeat of the Persians. He established seventy new cities, mostly along trade routes. These cities encouraged commerce and prosperity while also introducing Hellenic civilization to new areas. The palaces and the royal treasury at the Persian capitol, Persepolis, ended all of Alexander's financial problems. According to Document 3, this also put lots of money into circulation. The consequences of this lasted for centuries afterwards. This probably raised...