Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great: What Makes one Great?

Christian Quintero


December 5th 2013

Thesis: Alexander was great because he demonstrated leadership, an ability to conquer, and the ability to spread Greek culture everywhere he went.


Hook about Greatness

Explanation of BCE time and area


Early King

Family History


Unified Greece

Early Conquests

Battle of Tyre

Overview of Battle

Emphasis on intellect

Emphasis on leadership



Egyptian Conquest

Persian Conquest




Alexander's end of campaign


Alexander The Great: What Makes One Great?

"Oh thy son look thee out to a kingdom equal to and worthy of thyself for Macedonia is to little for thee." These are the words spoken from the mouth of Philip II of Macedon. He was the father of Alexander and he said this the day Alexander tamed a horse named Busephulus at just the age of 13. It was a horse nobody else could tame.

Alexander the Great is looked at today mostly for the reputation that he earned on the battlefield. Born In 356 BCE to king Philip II, today his fame is measured by the amount of land conquered. That is hard to ignore especially considering the time it was done in. In ancient times, it was considered impossible to even think of an entire empire ruled by one man.. But True greatness does not only fall on actions. Alexander did win many battles, he was famous for never losing one as well, but the man left behind a legacy of a richer Greek culture and a more unified empire. The great difference between those who are great and are not is also usually in the way they went about doing the deeds. As John Greene will argue in a crash course video of Alexander, "I think...