Alexander the Great

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As portrayed in the movie and what seems to be consistent in textual facts, Alexander murdered his life-long childhood friend Cleitus in a drunk quarrel. The movie gave dialogue to a fact in history in which I believe to be true and pure in translation. It became increasingly apparent the Alexander's drinking habits increased with his growing empire. Text support that Cleitus was not only a cavalry commander in Alexander's army; he was also a very close friend and Paul Cartledge, author of "Alexander The Great," has become a respected historian on the subject provides, "…Alexander acted unfortunately when under the influence of alcohol… when in a drunken fit he killed 'Black' Cleitus, a senior cavalry commander who had been a personal companion since boyhood" (Cartledge).

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In this movie I feel that the director accurately displayed Phillip II death. As noted in textual evidence that states Phillip II was assassinated during his wedding to Eurydice by a previously exiled soldier of Alexander, who is later killed by Alexander for the act of murder. Also in line with past text; Olympias played a role in the murder of Phillip II by spreading rumors and lies and as shown in the movie, coerced a member and companion of Alexander into performing the deed (Cartledge).

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In the movie the political art of war is clearly shown in many ways from the Macedonian point of view as well as the...