Alexander "The Great"

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Alexander did indeed change the world in the Eastern Hemisphere. He had many great accomplishments in his short life. The period 336-323 BC is inevitably designated the age of Alexander. It marked a huge expansion of imperial boundaries of Macedon, virtually unparalleled out pouring of resources materials and humans (4 Bosworth.) One of Alexander's large accomplishments was defeating the Persian kind Darius III. This was a good thing because it gave him more power and eventually causing tensions with his Macedonian and Greek officers because he had too much power. Soon they became a threat to there civilizations. They thought that he might take over there countries as well because of his massive amount of power he had he might get greedy and turn on them.

Another Accomplishment of Alexander the Great was to control his own troops in a time of panic, also he stopped a revolution from breaking out.

Many soldiers cannot control their troops like Alexander did. They were angry at him for letting the injured and old men leave their army. Alexander gave a huge speech that convinced the solider that it was on honor to be in his army and how his father had made men out of these people. He though he was doing a good thing for the soldiers by letting the old and injured go back home the soldiers obviously took this the wrong way and though he was insulting them by doing this. One thing that was had eventually had a good outcome was how Alexander adapted the Persian customs. Many of Alexander's soldiers were upset at the thought of him doing this. He solved this problem by giving the Soldiers anything in the previously conquered city and that got them happy (1-3 McDougal.)

Another thing that Alexander accomplished was...