Alexander the Great - The battle of Hydapes

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History Essay

Account for the success of one of the following battles and explain the reasons for Alexander's success?

Many elements lead to Alexander's success in the battle of Hydapes. Tactics and Commanders are the crucial points of the success of the battle. The Porus' army (enemy of Alexander) outnumbered Alexander's army. However, the brilliant tactics used by Alexander was the turning point of the battle. Moreover, the weapons and amour, and discipline of the Macedonian soldiers also had a very deep impact on the success of the battle. Alexander and his troops fought as "one", they used the location well and surrounded their enemies. This essay will talk about the importance of each element (tactics, commanders, weapons and discipline) to the victory of the battle and explain the reasons why they lead to Alexander's success in the battle of Hydapes.

Tactics used was the difference between the winning and losing in this battle.

King Porus had more troops then Alexander's and had war elephants, which giving him an advantage. However, tactics used by Alexander overcame. Alexander and Porus both had infantry, cavalry and chariots. They spread out their troops on the field. The only different thing was Porus placed war elephants in front of his infantry. Alexander's horse bowmen rained arrows at Porus' left wing cavalry. Porus' cavalry sally against them. Porus' right wing cavalry rode to support the left. Alexander's mate Coenus moved to attack Porus' right wing cavalry in rear. Porus' cavalry, fighting on two fronts, was forced back and defeated. Alexander then attacked the war elephants. The elephants were stripped of their mahouts or hamstrung by infantry's axes. At last, Alexander's troops killed the enemy's' infantry and sealed the win. " When Alexander observed his enemy, he thought he should move his troops to all different...