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Towards the end of the eighteenth century, the thirteen colonies of America revolted

against their British rulers. These American rebels were led by George Washington, a valiant and

motivated warrior. This simple man would later achieve greatness and become a legend in the

future. These brave and courageous men and women put up a praiseworthy fight. Even though

these 'freedom fighters' were partially successful in rebelling against the British, they still needed

some foreign aid. This much needed assistance was given to the Americans by the country of

France, which equally despised the British.

On July 4th, 1776, the Americans came together to formally announce the birth of the

United States of America. This was done by the Declaration of Independence. This new country

was to be leaded by its war hero George Washington. However, all of the pomp and celebration

of the birth of the nation occupied the minds of all the people.

This was a grave mistake.

Meanwhile, in the next few years, there were several foreign nations that expected

something from us. In Europe, the French were expecting their payback for all the aid they gave

us. The British continued to dump their products on our shores and they still occupied their posts

and forts that were scattered among the vastness of the American territories, and the Spanish shut

down the mouth of the Mississippi River, which did not allow many of our traders and merchants

to navigate via the Mississippi River.

Also, after the creation of our government, political parties started to arise. Headed by

Alexander Hamilton, who was called by the historian Joseph Charles 'the man who bent the twig

and inclined the tree.' By this, Charles meant that Hamilton was the man who contributed a little

bit 'bent the twig' and by doing...