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Recently, through history today, I have been able to see the effects that a comedy sketch whereby two people who, seem to be very intellectual and respectable, have surprised us all, by changing their manner of speaking in order to entertain. History today saw two professors take 1. Their very respectable accents, and 2. Their knowledge of playground language to create a piece whereby the two seemed to go back to a child-like status where their manner of speaking was different to all expected. Here, two intelligent people acted totally unintelligent.

But, if this sketch worked to such good effect could the opposite work to such good effect aswell"¦ Well, yes it seems it can.

Alexei Sale, seems to have been able to tale this idea, but put it into action in a totally opposite situation, in the "Sticky Bun" sketch recently shown on television.

The sketch itself is one whereby many things have to be known already, for example that through social understanding Scousers are thought to be thick.

Also that generally, there is a lack of intelligence in cake shop workers, and the various pretensions of the martial arts.

The piece takes the form of a story, a lecture even which is thrust upon you by a man in a pub. He tells his story of how he went to the local cake shop to buy a sticky bun, but got more that he bargained for.

The piece basically can be broken down into varying sections, and one item to deal with is the idea of the conflict between accent and content. All through the text we see this, the lady, who is seemingly a slow Scouser like speaker coming up with deep theological discussions, just doesn't seem right, and provides this conflict which ultimately becomes comedy. Alexei himself tells of his reaction, and his own opinion on what the lady has to say, again, coming from the mouth of a strong Scouser does not seem right, but in doing this he breaks the bounds of stereotypes, and it works.

Martial arts, is another key thing that is being laughed at in this text. The idea that martial arts involves many stances and moves, where many would see them as strange actions. Alexei talks of how he assumes the stance of the alarmed butterfly (like many people learning martial arts, In order to impress). This again takes the form of comedy only because of its name, but afterwards the well placed "and then I twatted her with the cash register" reinforces that this scouser is in fact only normal, and goes back to his scouser like self.

Other things to consider in the piece are the idea of philosophy, the most wild thing in the world, thought, anyone can philosophy, but can a scouser"¦well, no they cant, and that's why its so funny, the fact that again stereotypes are being broken and are forming comedy.

The character himself is of utmost importance in this, for example would this piece have worked on a cockney? , It is probable that it wouldn't have, however a Geordie may have been a key target in this, again because of the various stereotypes related to Geordies.

So, why is this piece so, funny, the satire, the charater or just the though of two Scousers battling over whether a sticky bun is related to such philosophers as Proust, in a cake shop in the heart of Liverpool? For me it is that stereotypes are present to be broken, and they always will be, as long as there are comedians to do so.