Alfred Hitchcock

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Alfred Hitchcock, famously known for being the director of films like Psycho, Rebecca and Strangers on a Train and many more, was a man that changed the way audiences watched movies. By directing a movie like Psycho he was able to show people what being seriously terrified felt like. Most would agree Hitchcock truly changed and basically created the genre of "horror films". He knew how to make a movie suspenseful by using different techniques to grasp the audience, he knew how to use the actors and actresses wisely throughout his movies, and most shockingly he also knew how to mix suspense and humor. Hitchcock was a man of many talents when it came to moving pictures. Hitchcock knew all the tricks to capture his audience from as simple as the importance of the right angle of a camera to the extreme of making sure no one would buy tickets after the start show time, otherwise could then ruin the suspense of the movie.

Hitchcock also knew the importance of having the actresses and actors find their inner star, and made them strive to be the best that they could be for his film. Lastly, he knew how to seize the audience not only with fear but also humor, because a scary movie is not scary unless there is that sense of security that was just being harmed, which humor is often a good way of "loosening people up".

Hitchcock was a man ahead of his time. He knew exactly how to make the suspense of a movie. He knew how to make the spectators feel apart of the movie and feel scared for the characters, and maybe for a split second actually believe that they were part of the film. He had many methods of how he...