Alfred Tennyson known today as Alfred Lord Tennyson was born

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Alfred Tennyson known today as Alfred Lord Tennyson was born in Somersby Lincolnshire on August 6th, 1809. Alfred Tennyson was born fourth into a large family of twelve other brothers and sisters. His mother was a housewife and his father became a priest, due to the fact that they were so poor. Alfred Tennyson's Grandfather denied his father all of inheritance and gave it to his younger brother for an unknown reason. Through out Tennyson's life money proved to be a constant problem, however this was not the only dilemma that Alfred Tennyson had to deal with. Tennyson was forced to deal with his families' long line of metal illness, their problem with excessive drinking, and loses of the most influencal people for him.

As a young boy Alfred Tennyson was home schooled by his father. At the age of 18 he entered Cambridge University, that same year he also published Poems by Two Brothers, he and his brother Charles both won university prizes for it.

A year later Tennyson received the Chancellor's Gold Medal for OtimbuctooO. In 1930 Alfred Tennyson and friend Arthur Hallam joined a Spanish army which engaged in no military action. (He joined just to get money.) One year later he left. In 1833 he published Poems. By the time he republished an updated version of Poems at the age of 33 he was well known nearly everywhere. Unfortunately for Alfred the he best poetry in many other people's eyes was written only after a lot of tragic loses. During a five-year period Alfred lost his father, his closes companion Arthur Henry Hallam, his brother had to go to a mental institution, and was forced to end his engagement with Emily Sellwood due to lack of money. This sent Alfred Tennyson into a spiritual depression. Directly following this time he refused to publish any of his works, he also sent himself to a mental instition in fear that he was going to become like his brother, but he only stayed there for about two weeks. Ten years later Alfred decided to finally re-start publishing again. Once he started republishing again in 1842 he came out with poems such as "A Dream of a Fair Women", "The Princess", and "In Memoriam". This proved to be his most productive period. By this time Alfred Tennyson came known as the most popular poet of the Victorian era. At this time his life started to get back on track he started getting pension from the government from being in the army, he was able to marry his long time love Emily Sellwood, and a few short years later they moved to the Isle of Write.

When Alfred Tennyson and his wife Emily Tennyson moved to Isle of Write they lost their first-born son in childbirth. The very next year Tennyson and his wife married.