Alice Tully Hall

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On Thursday the 8 my girlfriend and I boarded the 6:00 5 train from Pelham parkway station in the Bronx. From there we had to get off at the 180th street stop to transfer for the 2 train. The token clerk said that the two train would stop at 69Th street, a few blocks from Lincoln Center, but of course it did not. The train made a stop at 72nd and 42nd street, bypassing the 69th street stop. This delay cost us about fifteen minutes, because we had to board the 2 train going back uptown to 72nd, then walk several blocks to Lincoln center. I asked a gentleman who was walking towards us if he could show me where Lincoln center was. He replied, "this whole building is." He then proceeded to ask what section of the theater we were looking for I said "Alice Tully Hall." The gentlemen directed us to the door and told us to enjoy our performance. I was greatly surprised at his kindness, something I never would expect from people in Manhattan.

Lincoln center appeared a lot bigger than I expected it to be. The usher greeted us at the door with a welcoming smile and handed us a play book. He directed us to wait until the clapping begins to find our seats. I was very impressed with the way the ushers were dressed and their kindness. Once the clapping began the usher directed the crowd that also showed up late to take their seats. I was very disappointed when the ushers did not assist us or anyone in finding their seats. It was a horrible experience trying to find our seats. I have been to several plays on Broadway and I always noticed ushers with flashlights helping people find...