Alice - "the Turning Point"

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The most important moment in the novel of "Go Ask Alice" is when alice runs away to Denver. It is here where alice opened her eyes to her drug addiction, and how it affected her family as well as herself. It also helped alice to get help and change her life again.

Running away to denver was an important moment for alice and her family. Alice hit rock bottom and finally opened her eyes to her drug problem and realised what it had done to her family but importantly to herself. "i have just read the stuff, that i wrote in the last few weeks and i am drowning in my own tears, suffocating, submerged, inundated, overpowered.....

This moment also helped alice seek for help for the first time during her drug addiction, it also helped her decide to finally go home to her family. "i talked to an old priest, who really understands young people.

we had an endlessly long talk about why young people leave home.......and then he called mom and dad." From this important experience, alices relationship with her family grew stronger and became much stronger particularly with her parents. This moment also gained the determination and courage that alice needed to start over and giver up her drugs. "what a wonderful time to start a new diary and a new life, it's spring and i'm at home with my family." This stage was very important, it was the turning point for alice and her family. Alice's relationship with her parents grew stronger, opening the eyes of her parents to her problem.