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"What is Beauty?" In her autobiographical story Alice Walker tells about how after the "accident" of losing sight in one eye she was never the same. At the young age of eight she was above all others in wit, looks, and talents. I think that the loss of her sight is not what blinded her most, but her unwillingness to except what had happened. Over that next six years she would not ever hold her head up, Alice found that children were mean, they couldn't live with her difference and neither could she. During her sophomore year of high school she had the ugly scar tissue removed, now all that was left was a thin glass like line. Soon after her life turned around. She had her first boy friend and she earned valedictorian of her class. Beauty comes from the inside; Alice found you are only as beautiful as you think, and the pain only hurts as long as you let it.

There are as many ideas of beauty as there are number of people. As Alice was laying her baby girl to sleep she stared into Alice's eyes and said "Mommy there is a world in your eye!" Never before did she look at it in this way. The question always was "did I change after the accident?". Every choice that you make every experience that you go thought is what makes you one of a kind. Alice had it hard enough she thought, growing up in the 1940's as a black girl. Now with this extra burden it was the straw that broke the camel back. Alice had it hard enough with her burdening eye, she believed that she did not deserve this, she asked what did I ever do? Alice Walker felt that her life...