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ELT207 TMA Name: [How Yu Jie Rosalind]

In this extract from Alice Walker's "The Color Purple," Celie's account of Kate's visit makes us see the inequality treatment of women and the society's values between man and woman. Though Celie is African- American and uneducated, she represents every woman in the society whose spirituality is so intense yet suppressed. Through her, we see how she lost her identity in order to fulfill the desire to stay alive in this conventional society.

Mr._____ was surprised when Kate told him to buy some clothes for Celie. In reply, Mr. ____ looks at her as if "he looking at the earth. It need something?" (Walker 21). From here, we are being made aware of how Mr._____ doesn't look at Celie as a woman when he was trying to determine if "it" needs anything upon Kate's comments. Celie's first-person point of view and the use of "earth" establish the fact that when Mr.

____ looks at her, she is aware that in his eyes, she is a little more than dirt. The use of "it" shows that she thought about herself as merely a living object, not a full human being. It was as though she and the object are one. The voice literally expresses her thoughts and impression that she herself is insignificant, a woman with no personal identity, so void of feeling and insignificant that she actually labels herself "it".

Celie was not allowed to choose red since Mr.______ "won't want to pay for red. Too happy looking " (21). Although Mr. _____ allowed the purchase of the dress, it seems that Celie is restricted from buying happy looking colours like as though she isn't allowed to be happy. It shows that she has no say and has to...