The Alien and Sedition Acts

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The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed by the Federalists mainly to strengthen their position in the government and to limit and control the growing number of Republicans in the country. These acts grant lots of power to the government, i.e. president and Congress, which at that time were controlled by the Federalists. These acts lengthened the naturalization process for foreigners, gave the president enormous powers to deal with aliens, and provide central government with authority to punish seditious libel crimes.

The Alien Acts deal mostly about foreigners. They give extra ordinary powers to the president in relationship with aliens. The First Alien Act allows the president to order any alien that the president judged as dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States to leave the country within a specific time. The Act also gives the president the power to permit alien that the president judged has proved that he is harmless to the continuity of the country, to stay.

This permit (license) can be revoke anytime the president thinks is necessary. When an alien, that already been ordered to leave, and doesn't have a license from the president is found in the United States' territory after the time limit, that alien can be imprisoned and will never be admitted as citizen.

President can also expel alien that he thinks is dangerous. Every commander of ships that arrive to United States must submit information about their passenger to the government. Courts, marshals and other government officials are under the president and must execute all orders given by the president.

The Second Alien Act gives president the power to declare war with foreign country. The Congress, lead by Alexander Hamilton gives the president this power so that President Adams can declare that the country is in war with...