Aliens, Are They Really?

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Is the government "alienating"� us? Are aliens a threat to humans or has our ignorance made us a threat to ourselves? The knowledge of the probable existence of UFO's and aliens alarms most humans who ignore the reason of the presence of aliens and don't want to find out. The first report of a UFO was made in Egypt in 1500 b. C. and a few hundred were seen over the next few thousand years. UFO's are sometimes called flying saucers; this name was first used in 1947 when an American pilot reported sighting ten saucers flying in formation near Mount Rainier in Washington ("Unidentified Flying Object"�). A smart society should not let these incidents and any others that could occur in the future create paranoia in our daily lives.

Even though there is no proof yet of the existence of extra-terrestrial life, society should not be informed, because the general population's ignorance in this situation could cause chaos and oppression within them.

With the prevalent need to feel secure, society believes it should be informed of everything that occurs on the planet, which could affect an everyday life. As witnesses of UFO's come forward and try to understand these phenomenon, their ordinary lives have changed, "I am not crazy! I take astronomy and was looking up at the stars when I thought I saw a plane, only the colors were all wrong. My friend and I didn't tell anyone coz no one would believe we had seen a UFO"� (

The government's knowledge of a sighting will affect the witness's credibility within society. Therefore, rejection and stereotyping begins and clearly changes the daily routine that once existed in that person's life. The feeling of insecurity within a general population is mostly caused by knowledge, so ignorance should...