Is it Alive?

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Is it Alive?

Right now I am going to try to explain to you, that in fact, my Nintendo Gamecube is ALIVE, and a species of its own. Although it may not look as if it is subsisting, it is by all means! In the following paragraphs I will prove to you that my Nintendo Gamecube does indeed possess the 7 characteristics that a living organism

must have.

To start off, my Gamecube possesses many living cells on its surface and on its inside from my shedding skin cells. All over the controllers and the system itself, there are thousands of cells booming with life. Like I said, even on the inside where the cooling fan takes in air, there are cells. The Nintendo Gamecube is also organized in a structured fashion. In the middle there is the processor or as I like to call it... the "brain". This is where all the thinking of the Gamecube goes on.

Additionally, the Nintendo Gamecube receives energy from a constant power supply connected into a wall outlet, and metabolizes this energy to carry out game play and graphic rendering.

The Nintendo Gamecube responds to the environment in primarily two ways. One, input from the game pad to its processor by players, which tells it what functions to perform. Two, upon pressing the Power, Open, or Reset button, it will react by turning on or opening its cover for disk input. Also the Gamecube does grow, in the means of hard drive space in its memory station, a.k.a. memory cards. Every time data it receives is saved, the space within the memory card expands.

The Memory Station also is the main place in where Reproduction takes effect. When two memory cards meet one another and fall in love with each others data, one...