All Eyez On Him - Tupac Shakur.

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"Tupac cares if don't nobody else care"('2Pac Greatest Hits' 1). Tupac Shakur was one of the most popular artists on the Hip Hop music scene. He made a large amount of money throughout his career. He even made a good amount after his death. He told his fans about what he believed in and what happened to him throughout his life. Tupac told people how it was, or at least how it was from his point of view. He had an amazing impact on his fans, the media, and even other artists. Tupac is so interesting to me because he had a hard life and he was still able to rise above it all and tell people about it through his music. He had a very unique lifestyle. He was able to express himself so freely, and he never cared what other people thought about it. That is a real accomplishment.

He also had many other great accomplishments in his life such as movies, cds, and even books. I also have a great interest in his death because there are so many unanswered questions about it. He had a great respect for things in life. Most people do not agree with the things that Tupac did, but he only did those things to take care of his family, just as any person would do. He always put the ones he cared about before anything. Tupac did have bad things to his name, such as jail, but he had a lot of good qualities to his name also. Tupac is both hated and loved by people all over the world. Some people really love the messages that he puts out in his music and others don't like it at all. Tupac had a very involved life and had...