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"Wake up, wake up!" My cousin told me.

I looked at my watch to see what time it was. It was 4:00 in the morning. I got dressed and met my cousin Mike outside my tent. It was a cold day in the mountains in Colorado. As we grab are rods and reels I recommend we eat breakfast. My cousin Agrees after a bowl of cereal we head out. We stop at the truck to get the salmon eggs we are using for bait.

We start about a quarter of a mile walk to lake.

After what seems like thirty minutes we finally make it to the lake.

We still have about an hour till the sunrise. We go to the spot where we think we will catch some fish. We bait our hooks with the orange salmon eggs that we are hoping will catch us a few rainbow trout.

We cast our line out to the middle of the small lake. My cousin is the first to get a bite and to the first to real in a trout. As my cousin puts the fish on the stringer I catch one. My fish put a good fight. We both cast out lines once a again. We wait for about 15 minutes then my cousin pulls back on his fishing at about the same time I do.

My cousin comments, "Our lines have to tangled or something." AS we reeled in our lines we found they were not tangle, but that we both had fish. We both put our fish on the stringer on the stringer. About five minutes later I notes that the stringer is not tied around the rock, but that it is about ten feet from the shoreline. Its all most if the fish got up...