"All genders are equal, but one gender is more equal than the other." A researched journalistic column on FEMINISM.

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All genders are equal, but one gender is more equal than the other.

Since the beginning of the feminism movement in the 1960s, feminist ideologies and propaganda has littered the floors of society with 'equal rights' objectives and taboo subtexts. __ investigates if the continuing and widespread gender equality movement is in all reality, progress towards a truly utopian society.

The roots of feminism can be directly traced back to Marxist-Leninism from as early as the 1920s, reflecting the utopian aspirations of Karl Marx's writings. However the main waves of feminism erupted in the 1960s, when women were fed up with social, political and economic oppression and aimed to explore issues like stereotyping, discrimination, objectification and patriarchy from a female perspective. After three consecutive waves of such monothalmic philosophies, the movement continues to work towards a society which does not discriminate on the basis of biologically determined characteristics, namely gender.

However this looming thought of an intensely matriarchal regime may not be as ideal as it sounds. With current large scale campaigns focusing on workplace equality, ordination of women, division of labor and the ability of women to achieve, it is no longer a dream that one day women will become dominant members of the Power Elite, and rise to control whole cultures, and in doing so ironically suppressing their male counterparts.

Soon the day will come where we are so far past considering women as equal, that they are in fact the dominant gender. When this day arrives we can sweetly kiss goodbye chivalry and traditional customs, such as men shouting girls a drink at the bar or politely offering to pay for dinner on a date - why? Because women are strong, capable and independent individuals, remember?!The problem with the feminist outlook lies within its own contradictory principles;...