All My Sons

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All My Sons In the play All My Sons, as in Death of a Salesman, love is the basis of all the evil and tragic events that happen in the play. The play involves the Keller family, of which the two boys are grown men. One of the sons, Larry, went to war and was reported missing. The family never knew what happened to him. While the father, Joe, and other son, Chris, have come to realize that after three years he must be dead, the mother, Kate, refuses to believe it. Joe worked for a factory that made parts for the fighter pilots in the war. He was accused of murder when twenty one planes crashed because the part that Keller had made had a crack in them. He was sent to jail, but later released when the court pardoned him. The tragic events happen at the end of the story, starting with the truth of Joe's actions being revealed.

The tragic events begin when Keller's wife and son find out that Joe was responsible for the defective parts, and that he had lied in court. Then, the other disastrous event is when the family finds out that Larry had killed himself during the war because of his father's actions. Larry, though he loved his family, couldn't live with himself knowing that his father had knowingly killed twenty-one men. From the beginning of the play, the love in the family can be seen, it is not always stated, but through the character's actions, it is apparent. The way that Chris and Joe treat Kate, their mother and wife, respectively, shows the love they have for her. Kate will never believe that her son died in the war, she always claims that he's still alive and that he will come...