All programs that are aimed at women and are affirmative in orientation should be abolished because they provide for unfair discrimination in favour of women.

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This topic outlines how affirmative action legislation emerged in Australia. In doing this discusses the affirmative action (equal employment opportunity for women) and other pertinent pieces of Australian legislation which were enacted to improve equity in the Australia workforce for women. Why the women belong to disadvantaged grounds and how to reduce this phenomenon for women in Australia by government.

So we should disagree with abolition.

Affirmative action has been defined as the taking of positive steps by means of legislative reform and management programmes, in order to achieve demonstrable progress towards equal employment opportunity. Affirmative action is an attempt to redistribute economic power by forcing employers to give preference to women. As with all schemes of distributing justice, choice is taken from individuals and given to social planners. It has not cured sex segregation in the work place or closed the wage gap between men and women. More importantly, it has hindered the institution that has done the most to benefit women economically the free market.

Equal Opportunity (EO) means that all employees have equal access to the opportunities that are available at work. This means all employees are treated with fairness and respect in that they are not subject to discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) refer to an employment situation in which every individual has access to employment and its benefits. EEO refers to the outcomes of human resource management policies and practices and employee and management behavior. The creation of EEO has both a long-term and a short term agenda. The long-term agenda involves a transformation of organizations and a review of the processes associated with the creation and use of power by some groups. The short term agenda involves the implementation of new measures and policies which attempt to remove bias...