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"All Quiet On The Western Front" An examination of the horror and futility of war in ?All Quiet On The Western Front" as shown through three main areas; setting, character, and style.

"All Quiet On The Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque is a powerful portrayal of life in the German trenches during World War one. The story tells us of a group of classmates who decide to join the army at the age of nineteen, and follows their exploits during their time in the war. The story has a very strong sense of comradeship and emphasizes the futility of war which telling a tale full of death and horror, but is lightened by amusing anecdotes which lightened life in the trenches.

The majority of the story takes place in the trenches, emphasizing death, destruction and needless waste. This is shown to us quite clearly when we are told of the horrific scenes, which these youths encounter.

They see the dead who lie in thick mud, unable to receive proper burials; young soldiers who have been caught in barbed wire and killed, who lie there as a reminder of the fate which awaits many of them. These scenes highlight the true futility of war and that there is no one side which loses, but all sides do in their loss of human life. The author has used these events and scenes to highlight fully to the reader the true horror of war We are told of one officer, in particular, who could not bear the waiting, and the bombing and so decided that he had to end his misery by running out of their safety bunker and into the bombarded ground. He is pursued by the main character; Paul, yet the officer manages...