All Quiet On The Western Front

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ESSAY All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque, wrote the novel, "All Quiet on the Western Front," and said that it was neither an accusation nor a confession, or an adventure, but about a generation of men destroyed by war. He may have stated all this, but it's not all true fact. He made accusations, confessions, but proves that it was not an adventure and is about a generation of men destroyed by war. This is shown and proven through character development and plot.

In the first chapter Remarque accuses, through character, "that the unhappiness of the world is often brought by small men."(p13) Corporal Himmelstoss and Kantorek were an example of this accusation of being bullies. They were both important people who had to train and teach the recruits well, which meant that they had to be tough. You can't accuse a person of being a bully just because of their height.

They don't control their growth, but they do control their personality. That's as ridiculous as saying blondes are dumb. Therefore that is a put down to small men.

There was an accusation in the plot, where Tjaden said "a mountain in Germany cannot offend a mountain in France."(p135) That is saying that they accusing the French for starting the war because the Germans are too weak. The conversation going on between the soldiers, was the question of how wars started. The only reason they could come up with for starting a war, was "by one country badly offending another."(p135) Of coarse they aren't going to state that their country had started the war because they want to feel like the good ones.

In character development, a confession is made by Baumer to the French man. He says he wants to help him and tries...