All Quiet On The Western Front

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RyanMcWhinnie Specialist study All Quiet on the Western front I selected "All Quiet on the Western front" by Erich Maria Remarque as my specialist study because I am very interested in history and war stories and I found this book to be of great value in aiding my history studies as well as English.

In "All quiet on the Western front" Erica Maria Remarque conveys the theme of futility of war through his effective use of structure, setting, and characterisation and in particular the plot of the novel.

The story is set during the first world war and for the most part in the trenches, this helps contribute a better image of the harsh conditions the brave fighters had to endure over a period of time that was far beyond the expected and of course the setting did drastically affect the fighters state of mind, and the dramatic change in the men is one of the crucial aspects I will be studying more in depth, in particular Paul Baumer. He is the main character in the book who's mental state does change over a period of time-he found himself able to kill without a second though, survival is the only objective now and they will do anything to achieve this goal, when Paul is filled with guilt about killing an innocent Enemy soldier he is reminded "That is what you are here for" by Albert (his friend) so what was once a gentle young man is now a warrior with no guilt or remorse.

I have selected to write about the 2 main themes and in particular how the character of Paul Baumer is developed through the epic story. The 2 themes I have selected to write about are the absolute destruction of war that many nations...