All Quiet on the Western Front Creative Response

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All Quiet on the Western Front Creative Response (Chapters 1, 2, &3) Reading the journal, I disagree with Teddy that Paul is a character who suffers pain and loss all the time. This is just too much to assume after just reading chapters 1, 2, and 3. I do agree when he mentions that Tjaden is just an arrogant person who eats a lot. Tjaden is the person who doesn't care about anybody but himself. Kat is the leader and doesn't hang out with Paul because his is the leader of the company. To comment on the question that was asked about why they use lots of food imageries in side these chapters? Remarque use lots of food images in his writing because that's all war men do besides sleep and fight. Paul and his surrounding soldier helped the Reinforcements because they're training was very little.

My thoughts for these chapters were like wow.

It was a shock that the author brought up the food scene because it was right in the beginning of the book and usually at the beginning of books, sets the tone for the rest of the reading. I feel that the author should have to touch up on describing the characters a little more. Three other 19-year-old boys from his class volunteered for the war.

(Chapters 4, 5, & 6) Paul gets to fight in real world action of war as the author explained. I do not agree with him when he states that Paul is living two different lives. But Paul does some recollection of his previous life. This is the scene at the graveyard. I agree that this is the first scene where the author lets lose on fighting and war fare. Paul wants to be home instead of being at war but...