All Souls

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Lea Sciutto

Intro to Criminology

Professor Callais


All Souls

I chose All Souls because Michael Patrick McDonald was very passionate writing about his life, and when I read the book I could not stop reading it. His life was about so much hardship that he could not control and he tried so hard to as a child. That's why I chose Social Learning and subculture as my theme of this paper. I'm sure this choice is going to be redundant with a lot of other papers but his life screams the sub culture theory with so much hardship because lack of money, where he lives, and who he is around.

Their life was surrounded by hate and racism which made it even harder for them to get along in the world. The mother was a single Irish mother with 10 kids living off the government in the projects. She had very little education and the family she did have were ashamed of her.

She tried to control her children but it was difficult because they would just do what they pleased.

Social Learning and subculture I think is the best one because his mother was a single mom trying to raise 6 six kids on her own at the beginning because of the abusive father of some of the children she left. She had absolutely no money so she had to find a place in the ghetto of South Boston called Columbia Point Housing Projects. There she got government aid very little but she made due by playing her accordion and keeping it a secret from the social workers who come and check on them. There natural reaction to a social worker coming would be to hide all of the "nice" things so they would not get there government...