All students should be required to take course in the Science and Technology field even if they have no interest in them

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One may define technology as the application of scientific knowledge to practical tasks that are done by organizations that use manpower and machines while science is a process of thoughts which has revealed information and use it in dealing with new complex ideas which demand powers of observation, criticism and careful planning. Bringing science and technology together we will be gathering information about material, world and the application of that information for the welfare of mankind. Sciences and Technology have interrelation, for example Technology uses a lot of scientific knowledge and skill on its progress.

"Lack of understanding of technological methods makes one more and more dependent on others for life, narrows employment possibilities and increases the danger that the potentially harmful effects of the unrestrained application technology"(Mutasa 1994:10).

We should understand Science and Technology so that we can implement skills and knowledge we gained and be self-reliance. Students at school should be taught Science and Technology due to some reasons that will be discussed later.

Life is full of challenges that require people to use what they have learned at school to tackle them. Students will use skills and knowledge of Science and Technology to address those issues. For example student may design an artifact that can be used to switch on the light automatically when the householders are not around to scare thieves. When student address these problem he/she will discover the interrelationship between schoolwork/subject and their relevance in everyday life and work.

"All people need some Science and Technology education so that they can think, speak and act on matters related to Science and Technology which may affect their living" (Solomon 1993:156)

These lead to Science and Technology literacy-students will be able to use concepts, process and values of Science and Technology in their everyday decision-making. After...