All Together Now- ways to reduce greenhouse gases

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Climate change is becoming more and more of a concern to today's society. Environmental concerns are consistently being discussed and plans of action are being organized and started up as we speak. The beginning of reducing the contributors to the greenhouse effect is to start with the individual. This broadens into the communities, and expands from their on into economic and world efforts. Renewable energy is a quickly expanding idea for energy sources. These alternative sources could make the difference of saving our planet.

The individual is a very small figure in comparison to the population almost hitting six billion people. However, if every individual contributes- it equals to a great power, and a dramatic change is the present habits of our society today. To start, individuals can begin to consume less. Consuming is a major issue in itself. North Americans are in way over their heads in terms of luxuries and overproduction of goods that are not needed.

Another contribution that would make a difference is to reduce, re-use,

and recycle. These three simple rules would eliminate a great deal of waste contributing to greenhouse gases- especially methane. One of the biggest controversial issues today is the new fad of SUVs. These vehicles are extremely inefficient and impractical, especially with the introduction of hybrid cars. Public transportation is growing, and if it was more advertised to the public, it would be used more resourcefully. Another issue that comes back to the individual is the increasing size of housing. Bigger houses mean more space to heat, which leads to more gas plants being built and further leads to more chemicals being released into the atmosphere. People should be living in more practical sized houses.

This whole idea being discussed is the fact that people need energy and electricity to...