It all turns out well in "shakespeare in love".

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'It all turns out well'. What turns out well in Shakespeare in Love?

It can be said that in John Maddens film Shakespeare in Love that 'It all turns out well'. The events which turn out well in Shakespeare in Love consist of the winning of the bet, Will joining the theater company, the production of 'Romeo and Ethel the pirates daughter', and Viola and Wills departure.

Will is unable to write because of lack of inspiration. In the first scene Will states, "I have lost my gift". Will is writing a play that is supposed to be a comedy. Along the way Will encounters a woman, Viola. This is the point where it turns out well as Will has found his muse, Viola. He is enchanted by her "By all the stars in heaven, who is she?" Will writes more of the play, which turns out to be a love story that illustrates the actual events taking place in Wills life.

Romeo and Juliet had become the fictional counterparts of Will and Viola. It is because of Viola that Will is able to write again and it all turns out well.

Henslowe states in relation to the production of 'Romeo and Ethel the pirates daughter' "It will be alright". This statement made by Henslowe is accurate. The production started out to be an absolute calamity as Sam's voice had broken, as he was to play the role of Juliet. Just as the play seems to be falling apart Henslowe asks Viola "Do you know it?" Viola salvages the production with her reply "Every word". Violas performance is outstanding and a contribution to making the play turns out well. Wabash is also responsible for the play tuning out well. If Wabash had not overcome his studded the play would...