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Dr. Alla Sheffer began her academic career at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Graduating in 1991, Sheffer earned a Bachelor's of Science, summa cum laude, in Math and Computer Science. After four years of military service in the Israeli Army, where Sheffer "spent four years doing a rather interesting programming job," she returned to the Hebrew University to complete a Master's degree with honours and a PhD in Computer Science. Sheffer's completion of her doctorate in 1999 was then followed by a brief foray to the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign as a researcher, where her studies into texture-mapping began to take form. After two years in the US, Dr. Sheffer returned to Israel, where she became a Computer Science faculty member at the Technion. However, Dr. Sheffer soon returned to North America, relocating to Vancouver to join the Computer Science faculty of the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Sheffer has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards towards her research from a variety of sources, such as IBM or the Israeli government.

She was awarded the Chateaubrand Visiting Scholar Fellowship, which allowed her to study in Paris, France at the Faculté Leonard de Vinci as a Visiting Scholar. Dr. Sheffer's has seen her work published well over thirty times, which includes individually published papers and journal contributions. She has traveled to numerous countries in her relatively young career to give talks about her research. A contributing member to many committees and programs, Dr. Sheffer is member of Shape Modelling International and Eurographics. She is a referee for eight scientific journals, and a reviewer for a significant amount of scientific conferences.

Dr. Sheffer focuses on various fields within Computer Graphics. Her research interests are geometric modeling, computational geometry, and solid modeling. This concerns, but is not limited to, texture mapping,