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Almost Twenty-four years ago on October 27th, the stork brought a little boy to Pablo and Montse Chacon named Juan Carlos. Juan was born on a Thursday morning in Santa Monica, California. He was a youngster with brown hair and a pair of brown eyeballs. He lived in an apartment there in Santa Monica with his parents and one older brother named Pablo Javier. Juan spent the first three years of his life there, before moving to the San Fernando Valley. His new home at 8851 Valjean Avenue, North Hills, California was where he spent the next twenty-one years. It was a three bedroom, blue & white house with an attached garage.

Growing up in the neighborhood in the late nineteen -seventies and early eighties, Juan made many friends fairly quickly. First, there were the Carr brothers, Bobby and David who lived across the street and eight houses down the block.

Then there was Jim, Scott and Bob Hicks who lived two houses to the right. Next, there was Nancy Loo, who lived directly across the street from his house and Shanna Hogan, a little red headed girl who lived next to Nancy. Juan used to go out and wreak havoc on the neighborhood with the kids on his block, eventually breaking for about ten minutes, enough time to rush home to grab a quick bite to eat at lunch time. Then it was back out to the street to play cops and robbers until the porch light came on at dusk. The light was an unspoken signal from his mom that it was time to go home.

Juan went to public school with half of the neighborhood kids until he finished the sixth grade. In nineteen-eighty-seven, Juan's parents decided to put him into a private school. During his seventh...