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In "Eveline" the author James Joyce illustrates a young woman's life faced with hardships beyond ones control, even when a means presents itself for freedom from these hardships; the characters current situation restrains her from doing so. Eveline is a subservient character that would do anything to keep the promise she made to her mother, in conjunction succumbs to constant abuse from her father to honor her word.

Eveline is the protagonist and takes on the role as primary caretaker; one could argue that such a responsibility at the young age of 19 would be extremely taxing, making it very difficult to maintain composure as a positive role model to the young children under her care. She had no choice but to grow up quickly, as a result never being afforded the option to pursue any goals or ambitions of her own.

James Joyce depicts Eveline as wanting so much more for her life, "people would treat her with respect then.

She would not be treated as her mother had been." (Joyce 408) But is confronted with constant struggle when trying to do so. She has a want to be different then her mother, not in a negative aspect; but wants respect from the people in her life which her mother did not receive. Eveline's one escape is her boyfriend Frank. Frank is the one person who does not judge her and shows her the very respect she craves. James Barry expresses the same feeling about Frank in this critical quote from his "returning to Irish literature after 40 years" piece. "The "manly"man that comes to rescue her. The full and heartfelt understanding and encouragement of the reader. Prior to reading this I too shared the same emotions. Her feelings for him are so strongly captivated, that...