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Jakyla Biggs

Mr. Tom Weller

English 101

24 September 2014


Packing my clothes carefully making sure I did not leave anything behind. I rushed to tell everyone goodbye and I will see them in the fall. I was so anxious to hit the road and head to Indianapolis. Indianapolis is my second home. My aunt Markeia has a beautiful house on the Westside of downtown. My aunt is a RN at Vincent Hospital. She is my favorite aunt. She always inspire me achieve higher in life. Her and my mother had the summer planned out for us. We were going to go swimming, visit the museum and local zoo, and many more interesting things. I knew that this was gone be the best summer by far. I had my best friend Tempest with me, my brothers, and their two friends J.D. and Manny. We were all packed and loaded.

It was the first Monday of the summer. Leaving my hometown Gary I knew that I was not going to miss being there. We were packed up in my mother pick-up-truck. It was all black with two row seating. We packed all our suitcases in the trunk. My mom was the driver, next to her was my two youngest brothers, Jimlauntae and Jimmie, and then my oldest brother Lironte near the window all on the first row. Me Tempest, J.D., Manny, and my other youngest brother, Jimmijion sat in the second row. So yeah the truck was full.

We were headed to Indianapolis just laughing, playing music, and enjoying ourselves. The sun was shining high in the sky. It was very few cars on the highway. Alost halfway there, I hear my oldest brother shout, "MOMMA, your tire popped out and it's rolling down the highway!" The only...