Altered Play Version of "1984"(book written by George Orwell): Scene When Winston and Julia are Captured.

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The scene is set at a windy yet oddly calm morning in Oceania where Winston and Julia wake up in the apartment above Mr. Charrington's antique shop.

Julia: Winston are you awake?

Winston: I am now.

Julia: Does anything seem weird to you

Winston: nothing out of the ordinary routine

Julia: What does that mean

Winston: I still think that we are dead but that is nothing out of the ordinary and nothing new seems to have happened

Julia: I just have this strange feeling

Winston: Is that old lady Singing?

Julia: Are you ignoring me?

Winston: Of course, but that old lady is still singing

Julia: I can't hear anything

Winston: Get closer to the door

Julia: Fine, I will!

Winston: can you hear it now

Julia: almost it's very faint

Winston: Maybe opening the window will help some

Julia: Hold on let me open it

Winston: how about now

Julia: oh my god

Winston: told you

Old Lady: (Sings) you are so dead, you are so dead

Winston: I think she is with the thought police

Julia: That's bad

Winston: well we got another problem

Julia: What is it?

Winston: The picture of St.

Clements just moved

Julia: So, we're about to be captured and you worry about a stupid picture

Winston: There is a telescreen behind it

Julia: They have been watching us the whole time

Winston: Duh

Julia: When will they come?

Winston: It's only a matter of time before they come barging in here

Julia: We knew this day would come

Winston: but, know it is official that we will be dead soon

Telescreen: Now you are dead

As Julia and Winston turn soldiers suddenly come barging through the windows and the door to take them prisoner.

Winston: I will never give in to...