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Hypnosis was first used as a ceremonial thing. It's started first as a spiritual and religious thing. During the Middle Ages it started to become a healing thing. It was beginning to catch on many priests and religious people started to use hypnosis. This technique has been dated way back. Often now it is used as an entertainment factor but many people still use it for healing and probably even to this day for ceremonies and religious purposes.

Hypnosis is a process involving deep relaxation that allows the subconscious part of the mind to become dominant and thus highly responsive to suggestions and visualizations to affect change. It is a very neat procedure because if applied a hypnotist can help break bad habits or even retrieve black outs of sorts. It can help solve crimes because the victims can view a certain scene that happened and pause it and tell more about what happened.

The deep state allows the hypnotist to explore ones subconscious. It can help them achieve goals that they them selves can not achieve by them selves. Hypnotherapy offers this support to the subject. It can be very helpful to undergo this type of therapy if you have any subconscious problems you think could be helped.

When under this state of mind many things can be accomplished phobias can be cured or helped. It can help reduce stress, calm and brighten your mood. It can help one with weight management. It has also been know to help with depression and anxiety. While in this deep state it can help with memory. It can help with problems people may have that are only in the subconscious. It has been discussed if done right it can even help heal wounds faster like burns or cuts. It is know...