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Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Lotus Rental Car will benefit greatly by implementing alternative fuel vehicles into their fleet of cars. With the rising cost of gasoline, many people are looking for alternative ways to avoid the gasoline crunch.

Many developing countries are increasing their need for oil. China, as well as many other countries in the process of development, has begun to place a high demand for oil. This has not helped with the current pricing of oil. The demand and high pricing has caused a trickle-down affect that has landed at the consumer's feet; with such a high demand for oil, and a limited supply of it, there is no wonder consumers are looking for an alternate source of fuel for their vehicles.

Along with the increase of gasoline another crunch on consumer's pockets are the ever-increasing cost of health care and the rise of interest rates. People are looking for ways to cut costs and still afford the cost of transportation.

Depressed wages are not helping the matter either. That is why Lotus will need to put serious consideration into implementing alternative fuel vehicles in their fleet of rentals.

Rental companies, like yours, have switched to alternative fuel vehicles as well. Budget Rental Cars offer electric powered vehicles in Los Angeles and Sacramento, California. The company has a partnership with the Department of

Water and Power for recharging and in Sacramento the charging of vehicles is free at the 100 charging stations in the area. They are so prosperous that the rental of these vehicles is as low as $44 per day. Budget has not limited its fleet to electric vehicles; it also has a fleet of natural gas vehicles. The renters are

presented a fueling card that entitles them access to the many refueling stations in the Los...