Alternative sentences for Juvenile Delinquents.

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Alternative Sentences for Juvenile Delinquents


"I had a girl shot in a tavern because she didn't lower her radio. She came in the tavern, was having a drink, had her radio on, some guy asked her to turn down her radio, she said 'Fuck you,' he pulled out a gun, shot her in the chest with a .22. The call came out. I picked her up, she was choking and gagging, she died in my arms. I checked her ID. She was fifteen years old."

"I'd like to see Polaroid cameras air-dropped into the ghetto and given to everybody at birth. All the gangbangers and dope dealers we've ever seen love to take pictures of themselves and their buddies. They've got pictures of themselves cutting dope, pictures of themselves and their buddies with their guns, pictures of themselves sitting on their beds with piles of money. We've solved more than one murder by going through the dead guy's belongings and finding Polaroid pictures of him and his killer with their arms around each other".

These stories are not fiction. They are actual events that took place on the streets of America as told by the police officers who lived them. They are related not by their characteristics, but by their creators. They could be quotes from any cop living in any town USA. They can be read in any evening newspaper or viewed on any news broadcast. They involve kids. Youth, the future of our country. Tomorrow's leaders killing each other today. Nothing more than kids. Kids killing kids.

Twenty years ago you would have been hard pressed to find a cop talking about kids and crime as previously described. Yet at some point in time during the past quarter century American society lost its innocence.