Alternative Theory of Management

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There are many approaches to several management styles in the business of today. The approach mentioned by this paper will However, there is a simple and effective system that can be used to leverages many of these wonderful systems that can be anywhere from fantastic to disastrous in a particular situation. In every case some thought must be given to which technique is appropriate for each special circumstance and individual.

A simple, yet very effective, model for people management uses the following combination of well know management styles by selecting the appropriate method for each individual. This is an easy model to understand and implement and adjusts the management style to each individual's specific abilities and limitations. In general you must begin by working very closely (micromanage) with an employee when they are first hired. This will help to determine there capabilities unique capabilities and then move them up and down the scale until you reach their current ability to perform all aspects of the job.

Initial micromanagement will also allow the defining of parameters for working together and understanding each employee's styles and needs.

Management By Wandering Around (WBWA)

This style of management should be in parallel with any and all of these methods to transcend management and organizational levels and ensure that you are aware of what is really happening at all levels in the organization. This consists of walking around the organization and maintaining casual relationships with people on all levels. It can also be done through social functions and contact that puts people from different areas, who do not normally interface, together. This allows organizations to be leaner and flatter while lowering the risk that information is not getting all the way up, down and across the organization. It lowers fears of talking to...