An Alternative to Traditional Elderly Care

Essay by cookiesurg January 2008

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Traditional elderly care attempts to provide residents with the ability to reach and maintain their "highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being" (Klauber, 2001). For many of today's elderly, this just isn't enough. The mission of our Retirement Community is to provide independent residents with an option of spending a portion of the year on a luxury cruise line that incorporates many of the features found in a traditional Continuing Care Retirement Community, CCRC along with the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world without a lot of additional expense.

The enterprise we have designed will reflect the life aboard a world-class cruise line, while providing many services commonly found in a CCRC. We would carry three features similar to a traditional CCRC; purpose-built housing, as in a dedicated cabin aboard our cruise line, social and leisure activities, and on-site care facilities. Our plan is to pair up with an existing cruise line, expand the medical services offered and offer residents an alternative to living in a land CCRC.

We believe with the influx of baby boomers entering the age of retirement, the time is ripe to offer alternatives to retirement care.

One of the advantages of teaming up with an existing cruise line is to better ensure the safety of our clients. "Ocean-going cruise ships of U.S. registry must meet a comprehensive set of Coast Guard safety regulations and be inspected annually the Coast Guard to check for compliance" (USCG, 1998). The Coast Guard examines all security plans and can require improvements anywhere that security measures are not up to par. All baggage is screened and sometimes searched before being allowed onboard. Sanitation is very important onboard a ship and especially important when providing healthcare. A Cruise line that is already established will have...