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Although going to the movies and saying home to watch a movie share some similarities, they differ in many ways. For instance, if a viewer might need to use the restroom, the cost, and even in how many times you can see the movie and also in the quietness. Restroom brakes can really interrupt the enjoyment of watching a movie at the theater. The viewer ends up being uncomfortable or ends up missing a part in the movie. Where s if a viewer watches a movie at home they can just pause the tape. Therefore, watching a movie at home would be more enjoyable.

The cost of seeing a movie in the theaters has been gradually getting more expensive. Now a days, ticket prices can be up to eight dollars. Each individual that goes to the theater could easily spend up to fifteen dollars with the prices of refreshments.

When watching a movie at home the viewer can save a few dollars and rent a video for about three dollars depending on how long ago the movie was released. And most people have the refreshments they like already at home. So, if a viewer wants to save money, stay at home to watch a movie.

Sometimes a viewer would really like the movie they saw and wants to see it again. At the theaters it would cost them an extra ticket and then they'd have to wait for the next viewing. Whereas if the viewer stays at home, they would not have to worry about paying to see it again or when they can see it again. All the viewer has to do is rewind the tape and push play. So, if the viewer likes to see movies over and over again with no extra charge or unknown time frames between viewing, staying at home would be their best option.

Theaters get really crowded, and when there's a crowed, there's noise. Sometimes there are even those lovely people who like to talk though the whole movie. Which can really be annoying and frustrating. Which would disallow the enjoyment of the movie. When staying at home to watch a movie the viewer can kick the people out of the room if they're talking or if the viewer wants they can even kick them out of their house. Hence, if the viewer doesn't want to chance to meet a lovely chatterbox, they should stay at home.

All in all, watching a movie at home is a better choice on the viewers' behalf because they wouldn't have to worry about brakes, costs, and the number of times they can see it or chatterboxes. I would rather stay at home myself.