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AbstractAn oil spill in Alaskan waters destroyed coastline, fish, animals, and the fishing industry. Alumina's environmental violation was corrected and EPA standards were satisfied. This was the only environmental violation by the company. In order for Alumina to avoid tort liabilities and litigation, Alumina must know what it means and how to identify the various torts that could affect the company's stakeholders and reputation. Tort liabilities are civil wrongs that interfere with someone or with someone's property. There are three different types of torts: Intentional, negligence, and strict tort liability that Alumina should knowledgeable about. The intentional tort is committed when one brings harm to another intentionally. In order to prevent future lawsuits the company will comply with both, federal and state laws. The company will do intensive background checks upon hiring.

Business RegulationTort can be defined as "a wrongful act other than a breach of contract for which relief may be obtained in the form of damages or an injunction" (tort, 2009).

Another author states: "Therefore, to avoid tort and product liability, and litigation the business involved must understand what it actually means. Many organizations contend with tort liability and management in the day-to-day business. The proper management and preventive measures to limit the organizations exposure tort liability has become a key to effective operating a business" (Recognizing And Minimizing, n.d.). This paper will give a brief summary of the Alumina simulation. This paper will also identify regulatory and tort risks and how to manage them. Finally, this paper will describe the prevention, detection, and corrective measures for each liability.

Simulation SummaryThe simulation begins with a brief discussion of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in the Alaskan waters, which destroyed the coastline. Not only was the coastline destroyed but also several other aspects of the life in these waters...